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Women’s Rights

  1. Protecting Reproductive Rights: I will work to ensure that women have access to safe, legal, and affordable reproductive healthcare, including access to contraception and abortion. I will also fight against any attempts to restrict a woman's right to make decisions about her own body and health. I will work to codify a women’s right to a safe abortion into Virginia law.

  1. Ending Gender-Based Violence: I will fight to make sure that we are enforcing Red Flag laws with more fidelity. I will support policies and programs that aim to prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. I will also work to ensure that survivors have access to the support and resources they need to heal and recover.

  1. Fighting for Equal Pay: I will advocate for policies that close the gender pay gap and ensure that women are paid fairly and equally for their work. This includes working to pass legislation that strengthens equal pay laws and addressing the systemic biases that contribute to wage disparities.

  1. Supporting Women in Leadership: I would like to see the entire state code reviewed with an eye towards gender equality. I will work to increase the representation of women in leadership positions, including in the private sector, government, and public institutions. This includes advocating for policies that promote gender diversity in hiring and promotion, and supporting women who are running for office.

  1. Improving Access to Healthcare: I will fight for policies that improve access to healthcare for women, including policies that ensure access to affordable health insurance at the state level and address healthcare disparities that disproportionately affect women of color and low-income women.

In addition to these key areas, I will also work to ensure that all legislation and policies take into account the needs and perspectives of women. This includes working to address the unique challenges faced by women in our society, such as the intersection of gender and race, the impact of caregiving responsibilities on women's careers, and the need for affordable childcare.

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