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Katrina Callsen Launches House of Delegates Campaign

Albemarle County School Board Member Katrina Callsen formally announced her campaign as a Democratic candidate for the 54th District in the Virginia House of Delegates on Monday.

A crowd of about 50 people at C’ville Coffee and Wine—including fellow school board members Kate Acuff, Jonno Alcaro, Judy Le, Ellen Osborne and Graham Paige—gathered for the launch of Callsen’s campaign. Charlottesville mayor Lloyd Snook was also in attendance.

“I wasn’t planning on running for office, it wasn’t an ultimate ambition of mine,” Callsen said. “But I felt like the timing was right to have someone step into that seat and really focus on advocacy for these children and families.”

Callsen, who works for the City of Charlottesville as an attorney in the Department of Social Services, said she would prioritize public education if she receives her party’s nomination and wins the Nov. 7 election.


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