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Katrina Callsen announces run for House of Delegates

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- On Monday, Katrina Callsen announced that she is running as a Democrat for the Virginia House of Delegates.

"I care about children. I care about women. I care about families and I believe that investments in people create a better future for all of us,” she said.

If elected, she will represent the newly redrawn 54th District. The old version of the district included Spotsylvania County. Now it represents the city of Charlottesville and parts of Albemarle County.

J. Miles Coleman at the University of Virginia Center for Politics says that, at first glance, the redistricting might confuse voters.

"This new 54th District is essentially the successor to District 57, which is what Delegate Sally Hudson has now,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hudson is running for State Senate, which allows Callsen to run for her seat.

"Sally Hudson I thought was doing a great job in the seat. She left, the seat is open. And the time was right to have someone step into that seat who is really focused on people and advocacy for children and families,” Callsen said.

She also says that although she was not planning on running for office, now felt like the right time.

"It wasn't an ultimate ambition of mine. But it's an open seat and I believe I bring a valuable voice to the seat,” Callsen said.

Callsen’s mission is to protect public education, women's rights and the future. She says that her work in the community allows her to see those who have a past that is similar to hers.


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