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ACPS Board members and employees skydive with Golden Knights

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - It takes a certain kind of courage to jump out of an airplane and trust a parachute. Thursday, May 19, people from Albemarle County Public Schools did just that, and for a good cause.

Jumping out of planes is nothing new for the Golden Knights, the U.S. Army’s parachute team.

School Board members Katrina Callsen and Kate Acuff dove with the Golden Knights operating their parachutes. Their jump comes after a three-day conference, learning about what the military has to offer their students.

“We’re just so excited to take them on that first jump,” Sargent Jonathan Pemberton said.

Lettie Bien, a retired Army colonel, worked with the school district to set up this jump and the informational conference.

“The opportunities now are tremendous,” Bien said. “To not at least explore the realm of what the possible is, is crazy.”

Bien says the military offers almost every job path you could imagine, as well as tuition assistance.

One purpose of the sky dive was to recruit more Albemarle County students and encourage them to get involved with any part of the military.


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