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Building A Brighter Future

I have dedicated my life to creating a better future for the next generation. We need someone focused on the future. We need an experienced leader to protect public education, women's rights, our environment and so much more.

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For Our Children

Fund Our Public Schools

  • Pay teachers what they're worth

  • Make sure our kids are safe

  • Increase mental health services

Pass Gun Safety Laws

  • Require safe storage of firearms with children in the house

  • Assault weapons ban

  • Keep guns out of public places including colleges & universities

For Our Families

Reproductive Rights

  • Codify reproductive rights in the state Constitution

  • Increase access to reproductive health care for marginalized pregnant people

  • Make sure all contraceptive options are easily accessible and covered by health insurance

Housing For All

  • Work with City Council & the Board of Supervisors on residential zoning

  • Incentivize rehabilitation for affordable housing units

  • Provide support & services to eliminate homelessness

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For The LGBTQ+ Community

Address injustices and protect LGBTQ+ individuals

  • Work tirelessly to protect LGBTQ+ rights under state law

  • Push for legislation to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

  • Advocate for policies to protect LGBTQ+ youth from bullying and harassment in schools

  • Strongly support Viriginia's law that bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth

  • Ensure LGBTQ+ Virginians have access to quality healthcare that meets their specific needs

For Our Communities

Keep Our Communities Safe

  • Fund our emergency services

  • Provide necessary tools to fight against fentanyl overdoses

  • More funding for community-based violence prevention

Allow Localities More Control

  • Help local government be more efficient


For Our Planet

Environmental Justice

  • Provide opportunities for shared solar for low income neighborhoods

  • Require development efforts to include affected BIPOC communities in the process from the start

  • Localities must include an equitable healthy communities strategy in their comprehensive plan

Clean Energy Economy

  • Continue to grow Charlottesville as a Clean Energy Hub

  • Restore the State Corporation Commission's ability to regulate electric rates

  • Make sure Virginia remains in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

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